But I wonder where were you?

Never underestimate a single girl. Don’t think for 2 seconds you’re the only one. I can make you feel like you’re the only one. I can make you trust me. I’m manipulative. It’s a crazy trait, and there’s not much I can do about it. My options are plentiful and I’m not sorry.


I was there for you in your darkest times, I was there for you in your darkest night, but I wonder where were you when I was at my worst, down on my knees, and you said you had my back, so wonder where were you? All the roads you took came back to me, so I’m following the map that leads to you.


After the wonderful weekend I’ve had, I realize that I don’t want to spend another day being a stitched up PC puppet. I realize that I don’t want to be surrounded by people that don’t understand me as a human being and don’t get my humor and judge my beliefs. I hate my job. I hate the people I work with. We all fake smile and fake pretend to laugh at each others’ jokes because I don’t know you. Most places you make friends with coworkers, not here. You work with strangers who pretend to like you while talking about how lazy you are behind your back, when you’re anything but. I’m so tired of being around these people and trying to fit in and laugh at my supervisor’s dumb jokes, her dumb personality, etc. I wanna be around people that make a job worth having and going to. I want to call the fuck out so bad. I don’t think I can do this much longer without snapping.


Morning ramblings

I think that you’re never fully with somebody 100%. I think you keep people in the background and around for when shit hits the fan. I don’t think anyone truly puts 100% into their relationships. I don’t think you can trust anybody fully to have your best interests at heart.
I think people lie to keep others around and tell them what they want to hear to keep it all smoothed. Out of fear. Habit. Routine.
I think I’ve been duped by the one person I thought never would. I don’t know if I’m hurt or shocked. Frankly, nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to people.
Why bother trying to fix anything when that person has one foot out of the door anyway??


Full circle

Isn’t it funny when you’re at the end of your rope certain people come back almost like a bone in front of the dog, a metaphor for continuing on in life? Like life knows at that moment who to put into your path at the right moment, almost as if it knows exactly what you need. I’m not a romantic but there are certain people in my life that I’ve always held on a pedestal for being a catalyst in opening everything up for me. Except I’m not the one who realizes too late what they meant for my life and this time, I get to thank them and truly be appreciative. I don’t have to wish I had the time or the opportunity to say what needed to be said and aren’t I lucky for that? I don’t sit with regret because I got to say what I needed to. I’m happy that I’ve made amends with one person who I credit for exposing me to the beauty of the world, of dreams, of wanting more, and a deep understanding of a full circle that comes with time and maturity. I can’t be sad today.



Today was the most oppressive day in a long time. From literally being chewed out over 2 grocery bags not filled considered trash not being brought down because I’M FUCKING EXHAUSTED, to working a 10 hr day and taking a 15 min break and being chewed out for doing so. Everybody else takes a break. I can’t work on my feet in the heat for 10 hrs straight on one fucking break.

I really think at this point I’m ready to die. I could not wake up tomorrow and it would be ok with me. My life has become nothing but misery and sobbing for hrs on end wondering how long is this going to go on.
I have to work a 13 hr day Friday doing things I haven’t been trained to do. I want to give up. I’m tired of pushing myself and dying for absolutely nothing.
On top of everyone’s expectations of me to ask how they’re doing. You may be sick, but I’m ready to die and I’m not kidding anymore and nobody cares. Not one fucking person in this world cares.



procrastination = hijabi babe power

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“Normality is a paved road: It’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it.”

— Vincent van Gogh

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